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This item is designed and to suit a wide audience, from the discerning gentlemen needing to organize his toiletries in such a way that everything is neat and organized, the straight/safety razor shavers who needs some extra protection for their prized razors and other hardware, right down to men hitting the over-landing trails in Africa for months on end who has to pack a lot of stuff for their trip. Enough space and designed in such a way that it eliminates unpacking the entire contents to get to your lip balm. Configure the bag with your favorite stuff in a way that suits your lifestyle and grooming habits. It has a generously sized mirror (200 mm x 100 mm) that comes in very handy when travelling. It is removable so you can signal the Rescue chopper you are fine for now, and still need a few days to teach Bear Grylls the finer points of survival. The mirror is synthetic, flexible and does not pick up scratches easily.

Step into the shower like one of the dudes from the movie 'Hangover' and step out like Clark Gable with this bag that has enough space to fit all the gear to make it happen.

And yes....all of THAT fitted into the bag!