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This travel brush has a tube, cap and knot that can be used in a few configurations. In the closed format it resembles a large aluminium shotgun shell with vent holes on top. (Ka-Boom) Unscrew the cap, remove the knot and screw it into the female threaded end of the tube and you have a long handled shaving brush! Some folks simply grip the metal bit the knot is set in and use it in a short, smallish handle. If you are a bit absentminded like me you'd want to screw the cap to the male threaded, opposite end while using it, otherwise you might just forget it in your hotel room (although you would more than likely look for it again when transforming the brush back to 'travel mode') When done shaving simply reverse all actions, chuck this baby into your luggage and move on to your next destination, no more wet shaving brushes into your luggage. In travel mode the brush measures 90 mm long and 164 mm in 'get your shave on mode' It has a diameter of 32 mm and weighs 66 grams, dimensions may vary slightly between knot types. a Pretty nifty addition for travelers and shave aficionados alike

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