'True Grit' by Milton-lloyd cosmetics

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Milton Lloyd cosmetics was established in 1975, the company has grown over the years into a global brand donning a few hats, from designing modern fragrances for others to producing their own lines of products, they also manage the distribution of a wide range of products. They are well known for great products at affordable rates, and have assisted a number of popular global brands and businesses produce much loved personal care items that are widely in use. 

INTENSE, INVIGORATING AND TENACIOUS. True grit is an invigorating men’s perfume. This woody, aromatic and spicy fragrance for men features classic bergamot, pepper and leather for rich warmth and depth. this is a Eau de toilette, so not quite as strong as other aftershave products, but perfect for events and occasions where your fragrance needs to be less overpowering or not as long lasting. a Full list of the ingredients for their products can be found here.

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50 to 55 ml in a spray application, made in the UK.