Vars Rum 'Pure' Tallow shaving soap

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Our 'pure tallows' are hardworking soaps, they are economical, delivers great performance, is good for the environment and will last longer than any other soap when left in tough environmental conditions. It is a hard soap, so choose your brush wisely when loading off the tub. 

Number  four of this range has the same base as the original, but now also features Honeybush fines. The Honeybush fines adds a strong earthy, herbal scent, improves exfoliation action and boasts an explosion of anti-oxidants. The soap is a tad trickier to get to know, too wet on the brush and it tends to foam on the puck rather than pick up on the brush, scraping some out in a bowl with softer brushes or using a harder, stiffer brush works best, we enjoy this soap best with Finest two band and boar knots, straight onto the face and enjoy decent face lathering. 

This range is more about subtle, classic, old school fragrances rather than modern trends, and this one has some bay rum notes, a dash of peppermint and a good dose of earthy aroma. a Light to medium strength bayrum fragrance is the focus for this cake of fried cattlefat.

The Honeybush fines should infuse some more of its fragrance over time and could very well change the scent profile of the soap, so we are not quite sure if/how we will change the composition of the soap in terms of the oil vs fines ratio, but we love to experiment and I am pretty sure our clients will help guide us in the right direction. 

Ingredients: Beef tallow, lard, caustic soda, Bentonite clay, Water, Honeybush fines, Bayrum and lemoenbossie essential oils, peppermint oil.

Expect the following; Great slickness both during the shave and residual, a lightly fragranced soap in earthy, spicy flavours. When lathered just right, the lather will move beyond creamy to a cream cheese like appearance with tiny specks of Honeybush dotted in the off-white sheen.

 Ooooh, almost forgot....I never kept account of the darker colour of (we used no colourants of bleaches) these soaps have with the Honeybush component, so the packaging and labels do not work so well on the dark soap, but we'll be sure to change that over time as we use up current materials.


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