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As set out in the summary of this collection page, sheep/lamb tallow has qualities different to that of beef tallow, it is a new avenue we have strolled into and we will continue to explore and experiment with it. This base will also be presented in the aluminium container once we have finalized the last touches, for now we do not anticipate any changes to the base formulation, but there may be some cosmetic changes in terms of colour and apperance. Please do try this new product and leave detailed reviews, the more we get the better know which way to steer the ship, to us it is a great shaving soap base, but chances are it may very well be improved upon, recipes can be adjusted in millions of ways, and it is unlikely we have found the best possible base in the first few tries, with your help this one may venture into the hallowed halls of talented tallow titans.

This soap is more about subtle, classic, old school fragrances rather than modern trends, and this one has some bay rum notes, a dash of peppermint and a good dose of earthy aroma. a Light to medium strength bayrum fragrance is the focus for this cake of fried sheepsfat.

Ingredients: Mutton tallow, H20, Sodium Hydroxide, Potassium Hydroxide, Stearic Acid, Castor oil, Kalahari Melon oil, Virgin cold pressed Coconut oil off the tree, fragrance oils and essential oils. 

Expect the following; Great slickness both during the shave and residual, a lightly fragranced soap in earthy, spicy fragrances. it can be quite a thirsty soap when properly loaded, so you may consider dripping some water on your brush after a minute or so of lathering and then transfer to your face for a beautiful shiny, sheeny lather.


Customer Reviews

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Eldred du Preez
Very slick

This is a very nice soap with a great spicy scent. It lathers amazingly well once you get the hang of it as it needs a bit more water.
It creates a very slick feel and delivers a great shave.

The only thing I don’t like, is the fact that the sheep’s tallow leaves a slight after scent. Initially the spicy scent is predominant during the shave but once done there is a slight linger of tallow. It is easily fixed by applying a nice aftershave for example my spicy passage aftershave.

Scent being a personal preference I can’t fault the soap on that and will still give it a 5 star rating as it delivers a great shave.

Edouard de Villiers
Another great performer from Bundu

I recently shaved with this soap and can vouch for how excellent it is.
The scent is an old reliable bay rum with a hint of cinnamon (as far as I can tell).
Performance is top notch in all aspects. Be careful to not load a lot of soap, because it really explodes after getting a bit of water and lathering.
Cushioning and slickness? All you'd want.
Residual slickness? Check
Post-shave feel? Check
Just buy the soap and try it. It's great, and like the rest of Bundu's soaps, it doesn't bow to any foreign competitors.