Vikings Blade Emperor Meiji


R 1,195.00

This beauty in vintage bronze and raven black is something to behold, we love the finish on this one, and the red band just gives it that bit of 'windgat houding'. I am a fan of classic white chrome or matte stainless, and not particularly fond of darker coatings, but this colour combination on this works very well. This razor has the same door-mechanism and functions the same as most other door-type adjustables, but it has the additional feature of a dual head with a smooth and scalloped safety bar. The smooth bar is to be used over sensitive areas and the scalloped side is for heavier beard and more axing power. This razor sports a special ANTI-Misalignment mechanism which traps the doors if users mis-align the blade, this is to prevent uneven cuts. Hold razor upright while loading blade and closing razor to ensure doors won't be trapped. This clunker is fat, short & heavy, the brass construction weighs a hefty 124 grams and is 95 mm long.Towel-dry the razor after use to maintain the finishes.

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