Vintage brush Century (VB12)

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We can get very little information on Century brushes, apart from the fact that they were made somewhere around the 1980's. The brush is in its original packaging, and would appear to be in an unused condition. The popular black and cream combination sports a black ferrule and a white base cast in a form that would have sold as a model offering better grip in wet conditions.

The brush has its original 20 mm boar knot crowning its black perch, and it seems soft and flexible enough to offer service to its new owner. Hydrate it a few times prior to first use to moisturize the bristles, an application of hair conditioner might also be a wise decision if this is going to become a working brush. 

The brush weighs 51 grams, stands a 115 mm tall and measures 27 mm around the waist. 

This brush certainly looks better than most 40 to 50 year old folks I know, and is asking for some miles to be put onto its virgin ass.