Vintage brush Ever-ready 100 (VB13)

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This brush would have been an entry level offering in the 50's to 60's era, so we decided to reincarnate it with great hair to give it something to brag about. This cream-dream with its hexagon shaped base now sports a 22 mm Silvertip head of hair that matches the handle colour and complements the shape. It feels really good in hand and is sure to provide lots of pleasure to its new owner for many years to come. 

Ever-ready shaving brushes has been iconic in the shaving industry for more than a century, The Kampfe brothers introduced the Star Razor in 1875, the first safety razor made in the United States. Jerry Reichard, after working for the Kampfe Brothers for 23 years, leaves to start his own company - the Gem Cutlery Company in 1898. In 1903 Jerry Reichard leaves Gem to form yet another razor and blade producer, The Yankee Company, which is later renamed Ever-Ready in 1905. Gem & Ever-Ready merge in 1906. In 1915 Ever-Ready Shaving Brushes are first introduced. Gem & Ever-Ready merge with Star to become the American Safety Razor Corporation in 1919.

The brush stands 110 mm tall and weighs 68 grams. It is a bit heavier than the original would have been as we filled the plastic handle with resin to ensure it is more resistant to damage. The brush has a waist size of 30 mm and a base diameter of 37 mm.