Vintage brush Ever-ready 500N (VB1)

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Ever-ready shaving brushes has been iconic in the shaving industry for more than a century, The Kampfe brothers introduced the Star Razor in 1875, the first safety razor made in the United States. Jerry Reichard, after working for the Kampfe Brothers for 23 years, leaves to start his own company - the Gem Cutlery Company in 1898. In 1903 Jerry Reichard leaves Gem to form yet another razor and blade producer, The Yankee Company, which is later renamed Ever-Ready in 1905. Gem & Ever-Ready merge in 1906. In 1915 Ever-Ready Shaving Brushes are first introduced. Gem & Ever-Ready merge with Star to become the American Safety Razor Corporation in 1919.

This brush has a knot that seems to be unused. This must be one of the very first synthetic knots (nylon) ever produced, I did not expect a great lather from this brush, but it did a surprising job of working up a lather when I cleaned the brush. The knot diameter is approximately 20 mm. 

This model 500N has a Lucite handle, and is mostly scratch-free indicating no or very little use, one won't find many in this condition. We can change out the knot to something else if you prefer, but it is in such good condition I will have a hard time doing just that!