Vintage brush (VB6)

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This is quite a unique vintage brush as it is substantially lankier than similar brushes, I was quite surprised at it's petite form when I received this small-tall brush and held it in my hand. It has a wooden handle with a steel ferrule covered in a black plastic of some sort, all of it is still in pretty good condition. It has some letters punched onto the handle what seems to be a Patent number, although only an abbreviation of some sort. 

We fitted this handle with a 19 mm Silvertip knot that matches its mysterious identity. This lean brush stands 130 mm tall, but the diameter of the handle is only 11 mm over its waist, and 24 mm at the widest end of the base. The collar is 34 mm where the wood and black zone meets up to party. The brush is a lightweight for its length at 47 mm.