W.B.A Gunther Dordrecht straight razor (VR10)

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Like many vintage straight razors, we can not find any good information on the maker of this item apart from the odd listing here and there, it seems to be quite a scarce razor which is always a good attribute, but knowing the history of the manufacturer and possibly getting some feedback from current users is really what we are after, unfortunately our searches have come up empty.

One thing is for sure this is a very nice vintage blade in a very nice condition. The razor weighs 45 grams, it's faux ivory scales are still in very good condition. The blade had very little corrosion or marks on it, and we got it to its current condition with half an hour's worth of elbow grease. The spine is in very good shape and seem to have no hone wear on it, the bevel is shallow and uniform, indicating a straight, well ground blade that should be easy to maintain. The blade is 6/8ths in height, and has a cutting edge of around 70 mm.

This razor was very well preserved with very little use (if any) over the years. a Great looking razor with a mysterious past, we are selling it for what it is, but maybe the new owner can do some digging and fount that they own a razor of noble heritage!

*Vintage razors are priced according to model and availability, time spent cleaning and reconditioning and time/level of honing. Please enquire if you need additional work done to this razor prior to purchase. All straight razors will require a stropping on a leather strop before every use. Pics are unedited (detail) and provide a true image of the condition of the razor.