Wade and Butcher safety razor (V213)

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Wade and Butcher is a name that is very well known in the straight razor community, but not very much in safety razor circles. Little is known about this cool piece, but it seems to have been sold in the 50's and 60's. It is a razor that pops up very infrequently and any collector will be happy to have such a unique piece in their collection.

This razor uses proprietary blades that were curved and thicker than we use today, in addition the posts were square as to avoid the competition selling blades to their razor customers. I have not been able to find any original blades for this razor, and they seem to be ALMOST as scarce as political will in an African country!

There is a little info on the interwebs about how to modify existing blades to fit this razor, and a few simple snips seems to to the trick, however I think a template would be required to ensure a snug fit with proper alignment. RUDS shaves used a W&B safety razor in this video, also see his link in the description to access a pdf document that offers said template.

The razor head very much resembles that of the Gillette 1920's pocket edition, and I suspect the shave performance and action will be mostly on par with that specific razor.

                                          ***Bonus info and parts***

You guessed it! The Gillette 1920's pocket edition cap fits perfectly on the W&B baseplate, and we have included one for you with this razor, as a bonus it still has its original nickel finish in very good condition so it looks just as good as the original cap (obviously also included) Now you can use this razor as easy any other and not worry about snipping blades when not in the mood.