'ZA-let-the-dogs-out' promotion pack.


R 490.00
Walking has become the new national past time, pretty cool wethinks as it get Saffers out into fresh air and keeps us fit, it is not only pap-and-vleis that unites us anymore, we are now all walking together; rich and poor, lazy and hyperactive folks alike!  What is not so cool is a mobile phone or set of keys slapping against your leg in your trouser pockets, or bulging out of your two-tone-khaki shirt top pocket all of the time. The solution is this cool, comfortable pouch that attaches to your upper-arm with a stretchy band fitted with Velcro strips. The pouch has two pockets, front one for your phone, and the rear one for keys, some money, bank cards, your mask, small hand sanitiser or the pack of smokes you have to carry on you as it is to valuable to leave in the safe at home. The pouch will accept phones up to 160 mm long and 80 mm wide, with the zipped pouch offering a similar capacity. It is made of neoprene and has a wide adjustment strap making it user friendly. On the shaving side you'll get all you need to shave your stubble for an entire year, putting your stubble under lockdown and not your wallet, don't you wish all vendors were as considerate as us?! The set offers our DE1 razor with our logo, a tub of shaving soap, a boar brush and 50 blades, face lather using soap from the tub, loaded to the brush right onto your chiseled face. Ladies can use the same methodology for their legs and other areas requiring hair removal. Another years worth consumables will cost you a measly R 175 (blades and shaving soap), to add this option and get yourself sorted for two years worth of shaving, click here and add to your basket. If you'd like a heavier piece of metal consider adding our TTO (Twist to open) DE7 or the DE8, the latter being very popular amongst female users, this is the perfect solution for a couple wanting to try out this type of shaving as the soap and blades can be shared until each find their shaving-mojo and preferences.

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