Weishi/Q-shave Parthenon (UR4)

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We have no experience with this razor, so here is a description compiled from various sources;

Parthenon razor made of premium brass with its resistant and durable in a wet environment, it is 115mm long and weighs 107 grams, quite a heavy chap. The Butterfly open which TRAPS the doors if users mis-align the blade to prevent uneven cuts. Hold the razor upright while loading blade and closing razor to ensure doors won't be trapped. The razor has 9 Settings adjustable dual head with multiple micro-settings, suitable for both normal and sensitive skin.

The end of the handle is magnetic, used for picking up the blade from the counter.

Please note there is a bit of uneven gap between the blade and the bar, so if you are someone that is tuned in to perfect alignment this razor is not for you. It does help to adjust the razor in the door open position to the setting you like, and then tightening up on the bottom dail fir the shave.