Wild olive fountain pen

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In one's quest to minimize your impact on this beautiful planet you come across many items or practices that was just so much better for the environment way back when. I remember seeing these pens in my dad's study, I vividly recall stuffing one up also (jammer pa!), I suspect it was dry and I forced the point down to hard until it got damaged. Well, I tried one recently and was surprised at how easy it was to fill and use! I also discovered a whole 'gentlemanny culture' around fountain pens and their use which I quite liked. They look cool, old-school, write nicely and you can refill them, so they are very good for the environment producing zero disposable plastic. These pens are made from Wild olive, an ever popular ornamental wood species, mainly because of its interesting varied grains and patterns, but also because it is such a stable timber. This pen does not use cartridge refills, and is refilled from a jar of ink using the pen's built-in vacuum system. We are still hunting for a suitable supplier for ink, so ask your local stationary shop to hook you up for time being, but please and pop in from time to time to see what we have available.