Wilkinson 'Sticky' (V319)

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The Wilkinson Sword Co. Ltd., was officially founded in 1887, the legacy of a successful armaments manufacturing firm started by James Nock in 1772. His successor was his son-in-law, James Wilkinson, who took over in 1804, and who was in turn succeeded by his son, Henry Wilkinson, who ran the firm until 1861. Early products included both swords (and lances and bayonets, etc.) and guns, which were a mainstay of the early business. An increasing reliance on the blade business in the 1880's lead to the adoption of the Wilkinson Sword name in 1887. They began to make straight razors in 1890, and brought out their first safety razor in 1898.

The 'Sticky' got its nicname from the Polymer coating on the handle that gets grippy when wet, I did not get any sensation like this when I cleaned it up, maybe it will 're-activate' over time as the material gets wet. None the less, it is still one cool razor with its retro look and two-tone appearence. It is said to be a very mild shaver, and was made in the 60's in Britain, and honestly if you asked me a date and place for the birth of this cool shaving stick I would have guessed exactly that, I can easily visualize the young chaps of The Beatles shaving with these.

This razor is in a very good condition and I tend to think it has not been used at all in it's lifetime, definately something quite high up on the deseriable and hard to find ladders.