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Willy's blades are made by someone in India (making progress) using some kind of equipment that presses, cuts and sharpens some sort of steel....that's right, your review is needed to shine some light on this brand or send it into the dark corners of Mumbai.

One pack contains 10 blades.

TIA (Thanks in advance)

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
India knows how to make blades

I must be honest I was hesitant to try at first but at R18 for 11 blades I included one pack in my order. My rating says it all. It outlasts the more expensive blades with the perfect level of sharpness. Jaco please do not "send it into the dark corners of Mumbai"!!!!

Juan Grib
The best no unknown brand you will use!

After my first Willy's experience (don't look at me like that) and trying a few different brand blades I am back to using Willy's again. It is simply the smoothest most awesome shave ever! I bought another 2 packs. Go Willy Go!!

Raees Parker
Fantastic Mr willy

Mr Willy needs a pat on the back, used in My Parker 99r and wow what a comfortable shave , great beard reduction, no nicks or irritation

Jan Van Der Voort

Here in Zim about everyone has a chicken coop with some chickens and roosters. So have I. We once had a beautiful rooster with a very strong character, always defending the ladies in the coop whenever you dared to enter their space. Animals with character deserve a name. Out of respect the rooster was called Ben.
Whereas all the other roadrunners sooner or later ended up in the pot, we allowed Ben to retire. He died a natural dead and was buried.

About the Willy's blade... Today I had my 9th shave with my first blade. Still comfortable, still BBS. Although I will not give the blade a name, I'm considering retiring it and burying it out of respect. No other blade I've used in the past has been able to give me this result.

Go Willy Go

I had 6 shaves from one blade and the shaves stayed consistently smooth! I only changed the blade due to my curiosity and wanted to try a new brand. Buy this, you won't be sorry!!