Zam-Buk cherry lip balm

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Zam-Buk is such a cool 'local-is-lekka' product that simply cannot be ignored, the brand is part of our heritage and has found its way onto T-shirts, shoes, socks, earrings, bags and all sorts of trendy fashion items. Interestingly it was first produced in England, the source of the name is uncertain, but a link to South Africa has been suggested. To this day it remains widely popular in South Africa. The brand name was at one time used to refer to ambulance-men and first aiders at rugby league matches in Australia and New Zealand! It was widely used in earlier times as an all-round antiseptic and healing ointment, particularly with rugby players worldwide. The product is currently manufactured by Bayer who owns the trade mark in some, but not all, countries. It is available in Southern Africa, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. 

This lip balm in the typical tin container with a tight press-on lid, unlike most tins this one has a proper rim on the bottom part for easier opening. a Cherry flavoured balm in a beautiful vivid simply cannot beat the personality of this lip balm! 

The ingredients are hard paraffin wax, gum rosin W grade, petroleum jelly, micro wax, mineral oil, red colourant and cherry flavour.