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Zorrik blades are made by someone, somewhere in the world using some kind of equipment that presses, cuts and sharpens some sort of steel....that's right, your review is needed to shine some light on this brand or send it into the dark corners of oblivion.

Some new info came to light with the addition of the 'Super Platinum' type of blade, so here goes; Made in India, distributed from the UK and by Supermax in South Africa and also 'trusted in a 140 countries the world over', sounds pretty impressive!

Customer Reviews

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F Tier

Out of the many brands I tried, this was amongst the worst. Will still get the job done. But seems to pull and nick a bit.
I wouldn't dare use it for more than 1 shave.

Your mileage may vary though. For the cost you should still try it for yourself.

You get what you pay for

Unfortunately this blade is inexpensive for a reason. First day or two all fine, but thereafter it lost it's sharp edge. It costs half the price as it lasts half the time.

Peter Botes
Worth the price

A forgiving blade in an aggressive type razor...I've had 3 great shaves...haven't even tried a 4th yet...the Pearl Flexi 2 in shave 3 setting 3 was lovely...in the Razorock SLOC shave 2...it was not quite sharp enough...worth the try for the money...I would rate a good 3 1/2 stars...much better than expected...I would purchase again for this price