Zulu stick (ZS1)

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The Zulu stick is basically strips of Zulu grey natural stone that is cut thin. These are ideal as something you can use quickly and easily for refreshing an edge. The stones are not wide enough to cover the blade length of any razor or blade, so you'd typically use short, x-type strokes. The stone is also great for folks looking for a fine natural honing stone, but just not ready to splash out on a full sized one just yet as it is substantially cheaper than a standard ZG

The Zulu Grey stone is a natural honing stone that is produced in the KwaZulu-Natal province of South Africa. As with most natural stones, they do not have grit values as such, but rather certain properties/attributes. The Zulu Grey and Silkvein stones are respectively used during the finishing and mid-range stadiums of honing. In working with the stones I have noticed some produce a slurry faster than others, so we will keep tabs on the stones and see if we can identify slight differences in performance based on customers feedback. It polishes up to a mirror like finish and will produce good results once you find the best method of using the stone, and also where it fits into your sharpening regime. I have had good results using with a slurry as final progression, and also when used with clean water/mineral oil to dress or revive a dulling edge, I'd follow with a diamond spray on one or the other medium and finally a solid stropping on clean leather.

As the Zulu Grey is quite a hard stone, I find that I have to lap it less often than most other stones I have used, it is also quite hard to produce a slurry by only using the slurry stone directly on the honing stone, but adding some pressure helps. One can also create a slurry from using the small slurry stone on a diamond plate, and transfer that to the working surface. Each stone comes with a small slurry stone.

As with all natural stones there are many variables, and no two stones are alike in appearance. The stone composition will never be quite the same as any other, there may be natural cavities, surface cracks or edges that are not perfect, but all stones are purpose ready. The stones have been lapped and are flat and ready to be used, even though there may be some marks, spots or various textures on the working surface. There will be no critical structural defects on any of these stones, and all stones will deliver many years, or decades worth of honing. All stones have been flattened by means of an Atoma #140 on a rotating disc, and then dressed again with an Atoma #1200. There might very well be marks and scratches from this process that will work away as the stone gets used over time. 

We will post more reviews, info and findings of these products as they they find their way into customers hands and as we receive feedback.

160 x 26 x 16 mm