Stuff for your pozzy

Our clientele are generally folks who enjoy the finer things in life, a bit more distinct, more refined and ALWAYS better groomed than the next guy or girl. I figured some handmade, unique items for their homes, play- and work spaces could be a good idea. We'll give it a go and see if we can flog a few items and help you create a space you can love more than what you already do.

As a small business we need to supplement our income as best we can, and we don't like throwing stuff away, so we up-cycle, harvest, pick, collect and convert stuff we find around us and bits from the workshop we have no use for. The item you buy will probably not have a high material value, but it will be unique, display beautifully in your space and help our family to keep the lights on WHEN there is power. 

I was thinking some good coffee available online also, what says thee? 

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