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Our Prepo oils are, as the name suggests a pre- and post shave oil that is used to improve the quality of your shave and more importantly, provide loads of food for your skin. It is such a versatile product that we had to do a blog on it to give a basic overview of how it could be used. We have little doubt you will find use for this product somewhere in your grooming routine, and even when not used in your shaving routine it is a fantastic product to apply right before hitting the sack as it massages into your face in under a minute and will leave no oil marks on your pillow, bedding or on your partner's thighs.

Available in a 30 ml format, I use about half a pipette at a time, and get approximately 100 uses per bottle. Please provide us with feedback as this is a brand new product and it is likely to develop some more as we receive feedback from consumers, maybe an unfragranced version for guys with super sensitive skin?

Enjoy experimenting with this oil and finding the perfect place for it in your daily grooming routine.



Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Amazing Oil

This oil makes my skin feel amazing before and after shaving. I also use it as a face moisturizer and it doesn't make my skin look oily. I highly recommend using this.

So many uses

This oil is amazing! My boyfriend uses it to shave and it's excellent. I use it off label for my nails and my hair. I use it prepedicure to moisturize my nails and cuticles and it makes my hair superior and silky! Definitely worth it

Yannick Vermeulen
Never disappoints

Before I used Jaco's products my skin was always dry and red. Ever since I made the change to this Prepo oil my skin has definitely been looking better. I especially love using it as a post shave as that's when i need moisturization the most and it never disappoints. I'm more than satisfied

Really like it

I apply pre-shave, shave, and after-shave products, each with its own fragrance. Fear not it combines really well with other products as far as I have tested in the end giving the end result more depth like a great wine.

The prep oil itself is fantastic. Great pre-shave item to have.

Jan Van Der Voort
Really, really good product

A little update from my previous review...
After three shaves using the prepo oil, today I switched back to Proraso preshave green to compare.
The shave itself and after shave skin feel are definitely better, more comfortable with the prepo oil! SA-Italy: 1-0.