PAL vintage double edged blades for safety razor

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Vintage blades for vintage shaves! The luxury of pairing a vintage blade with a vintage razor is one that won't befall many, and will always be remain an experience to be cherished and savored. Although most vintage blades will not be as good as modern blades, they offer something more important, namely nostalgia and exclusivity, not to mention bragging rights with friends and family! Do keep in mind that razor blades prior to 1960 were mostly carbon steel, and today's blades are mostly stainless steel, stainless is more resistant to corrosion and wear, and lasts much longer. Expect less shaves with your vintage blade and dry it immediately after use to get the maximum amount of uses out of it. 

PAL blades were produced in New York by the PAL blade company, the current lot of blades we have are still nicely wrapped in cellophane and promise to be in excellent condition. Although technology have come a long way since these were produced in the 40's/50's, they shave quite comfortably, and I would rate them higher than some of my 'least favorite' blades. The company registered patent 2262588 in 1941, the intention of the 'hollow grind' design was to eliminate heat with the final grind, producing a sharper, more stable cutting edge. 

The slogan on the box; 'Suggest PALS to your pals'...pretty cool.

Note* For obvious reasons vintage razor blades are a lot harder (and more expensive) to find than vintage razors, and such items will come and go on our website, grab more than one pack if you could, one to try out and one for your collection, soon enough they may not be available at all!